USF Undergraduate Council - Agenda for December 13, 1999

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Agenda for Meeting on Monday, December 13, at 3:00 p.m., in SVC 5102

  1. Approval of minutes of September 27, October 11, November 8, and November 22, 1999.

  2. Announcements

    Liberal Arts Exit requirements and second baccalaureate seekers

  3. Discussion and action on proposals

    +/- Grading Proposal

    EML 3041 Computational Methods
    SPC 4632 Rhetoric and Social Change (exit requirement)

    FRT 3001 Great Love Stories in French Translation
    FRT 3140 French Literary Masterpieces in English Translation
    FRE 3502 The Francophone World

    POR 2240 Brazilian Portuguese Conversation
    POR 3440 Portuguese for Business and International Trade

    THE 3120 Theatre History II (exit requirement)

    Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis
    PSY 4510 Supervised Practicum and Field Experience in Applied Behavior
    PSY 4933 Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis

    PET 3252 Issues in Sports

  4. Distribution and assignment of new course proposals, etc.

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