USF Undergraduate Council - Agenda for April 24, 2000

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Agenda for Meeting on Monday, April 24, 2000, at 3:00 p.m., in SVC 5102

  1. Approval of minutes from April 10, 2000.

  2. Announcements

    Selection of new Undergraduate Council chairperson.

  3. Discussion and action on proposals

    Old Business

    3+2 Program: College of Arts and Sciences and Business Administration
    Certificate in TQM (Total Quality Management)

    New Business
    Mass Communications - Change in Major Requirements

    Study Program
    Pre-Professional Study Program within Liberal Studies/ ALA Degree Program
    Math - Major/Minor Change

    New Courses
    ADV 3501 Advertising Research
    ADV 4600 Advertising Management
    ARC 4931 Selected Topics in Architecture and Community Design
    EGN 2xxx Light and the Arts: A Quantitative Approach
    JOU 4212 Magazine Design and Production
    PUR 3500 Public Relations Research
    PUR 4103 Public Relations Design and Production

    Substantive Change
    ECP 3613 Econ Urban Environment - MW/MI

  4. Distribution and assignment of new course proposals, etc.

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