USF Undergraduate Council - Agenda for April 10, 2000

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Agenda for Meeting on Monday, April 10, 2000, at 3:00 p.m., in SVC 5102

  1. Approval of Minutes of February 28, 2000 and March 27, 2000.

  2. Announcements

  3. Discussion and action on proposals

    Old Business

    Undergraduate Certificate, Minor, Track or Concentration
    Certificate in TQM (Total Quality Management)

    New Business

    Substantive Change
    GEO 3013 Introduction to Physical Geography Jennifer Salk

    Undergraduate Certificate, Minor Track or Concentration
    Environmental Policy - Minor Ram Pendyala

    Deffered Until 4/24 UC Meeting
    Mass Communications - Change in Major Requirements

    New Courses
    ADV 3501 Advertising Research
    ADV 4600 Advertising Management
    EGN 3xxx Engineering Analysis
    JOU 4212 Magazine Design and Production
    PUR 3500 Public Relations Research
    PUR 4103 Public Relations Design and Production

  4. Distribution and assignment of new course proposals, etc.

    New Course
    ARC 4931 Selected Topics in Architecture and Community Design

    Substantive Change
    ECP 3613 Econ Urban Environment - MW/MI
    AFA 4033 Black English - MW/MI LW
    AFA 4303 Zora Neale Hurston - MW/MI LW
    AFS 3284 African Literature Survey - LW

    Study Program
    Pre-Professional Study Program w/in Liberal Studies/ ALA Degree Program

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