USF Undergraduate Council - Agenda for February 28, 2000

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Agenda for Meeting on Monday, February 28, 2000, at 3:00 p.m., in SVC 5102

  1. Minutes

  2. Announcements

  3. Discussion and action on proposals

    New Course Proposals
    ART 2203 Fabrications II
    ART 3302 Intermediate Drawing
    ART 3520 Intermediate Painting
    ART 3401 Intermediate Printmaking
    ART 3468 Digital Printmaking
    ART 3222 Intermediate Electronic Media
    ART 3701 Intermediate Sculpture
    ART 3710 Multiples, Molds, and Bronze Casting
    ART 3808 Intermediate Sculpture: Site, Installation, Performance
    ART 3111 Intermediate Ceramics
    PGY 3401 Intermediate Photography
    PGY 3930 Special Topics in Photography
    ARH 3454 Contemporary Issues in Art
    ARH 4721 Graphicstudio/ History of Media: Printmaking
    ART 4970 Senior Thesis

    Revision of Fine Arts Curriculum
    1. B.F.A. Studio
    2. B.A. Studio
    3. B.A. Art History

    AFA 4350 African American Community Research New course – MW/MI
    AFA 4500 Slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean New course – MW/MI

    Theatre Courses – XLW Designation
    THE 4180 Theatre Origins
    THE 4320 The Theatre of Myth and Ritual
    THE 4401 O’Neill and After
    THE 4435 Theatre of Pluralism
    THE 4562 Contemporary Performance Theory

    THE 4434 Caribbean Theatre MW/MI LW Gordon Rule

    College of Engineering – MW/MI exemption

    Proposal to create a 3+2 MBA Program (College of Arts and Sciences/ College of Business Administration)

  4. Distribution and assignment of new course proposals, etc.

    New Courses
    LAE 4416 Teaching Literature and Writing in the Elementary Grades
    PET 4672L Clinical Practice in Athletic Training
    PET 4935 Case Studies in Athletic Health Care
    PET 4673L Clinical Practice in Athletic Training II
    PET 3630C Techniques in Therapeutic Exercise
    PET 4627 Management of Athletic Injuries
    PET 4632C Therapeutic Modalities
    PET 4633C Therapeutic Rehabilitation
    PET 4933 Seminar in Sports Medicine
    PET 3617C Orthopaedic Physical Assessment I (Upper Extremity)
    PET 3660 Athletic Training Administration and Policy
    PET 3618C Orthopaedic Physical Assessment II (Lower Extremity)
    PET 3670L Clinical Instruction in Athletic Training I
    PET 3624C Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma and Illness
    PET 3621C Prevention of Athletic Injuries
    PET 3671L Clinical Instruction in Athletic Training II

    Substantive Change
    AML 4624 Black Women Writers LW exit

    EDE 4301 Teaching Methods in the Elementary School
    adding field experience component to course

    RED 4511 Reading in the Intermediate Grades
    adding field experience component to course

    Undergraduate Certificate, Minor, Track or Concentration
    Certificate in TQM (Total Quality Management)

    Athletic Training Program Track

    Revised Program
    Elementary Education Program

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