USF Undergraduate Council - Minutes of October 14, 2002

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Present: Michael Berman, Glen Besterfield (Chair), Victoria Canterbury, Deborah Condosta, Myung Kim, Ashley Tanneberger

Absent: Sylvia Fiore, Kathryn Laframboise, Sandra Reynolds

Guests: Susan Bill, Tony Embry, Teresa Flateby, Jim Garey, Verna Glenn, John Richmond, John Sarao, Jennifer Schneider, Curtis Wienker, Nancy Williams

The meeting was called to order at 3:06 p.m.

  1. The minutes of September 23,2002 were approved as submitted.

  2. Announcements

    The Undergraduate Council will adopt a rotating scheme to address Undergraduate Council business. New courses/curriculums will be addressed every other meeting.

    Two (2) subcommittees were established.

    1. Academic Grievance Committee
      The Undergraduate and Graduate Councils of the University of South Florida have been charged with developing an Academic Grievance Procedure based on the draft procedure previously presented and the observations of the Undergraduate and Graduate Councils.

      The Undergraduate Council Academic Grievance committee members are:

      • Michael Berman
      • Silvia Fiore
      • Myung Kim

    2. Plus/Minus
      Student Government Resolution 2 of the 43rd Term, Fall 2002 calls upon the Faculty Senate and the appropriate Councils to revisit the issue of the current grading structure. The Resolution requests that the Councils and the Senate recommend a change in the grading structure that would result in the removal of the "+" and the "-" grades with in the "A" grade category, enabling all "A" grades to receive 4.0 quality points. All other grade categories would remain as they are. The Undergraduate Council has been charged with making a recommendation or modification regarding this request.

      The Undergraduate Council Plus/Minus committee members are:

      • Victoria Canterbury
      • Deborah Condosta
      • Kathy Laframboise

    Teresa Flateby passed out a Writing Assessment Practices sheet that will be used to survey instructors who teach Gordon Rule courses to determine how faculty grade student's papers. Opinions regarding the survey can be emailed to Teresa Flateby

  3. Review of Course and Curriculum Change Proposals


    NSC 1110L Naval Science Laboratory
    This course is a laboratory for the naval science program. Following discussion, this course was approved pending receipt of a syllabus.

    Childhood Education

    PHC 4542 Stress, Health and College Life
    The purpose of this course is to examine the relationship between stress, as a multi-casual concept, health and disease. Following discussion, this course was approved.


  4. Assignment of Course Proposals

The next meeting will be Monday, October 28, 2002. The meeting was adjourned at 4:42 p.m.

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