USF Undergraduate Council - Minutes of October 22, 2001

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Present: Joena Bartolini, Cindy Bethel, Eva Christensen, Deborah Condosta, Greg Hyden, Tanice Knopp, Ram Pendyala, Nancy Ratcliff, Sandra Reynolds (Chair)

Absent: Myung Kim, Jennifer Salk, Curtis Wienker

Guests: Teresa Flateby, John Richmond, W. Robert Sullins, Christopher van der Kaay

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m.

  1. The minutes of October 8, 2001, were not available for review.

  2. The entire meeting was devoted to a discussion of the University's Liberal Arts requirements (General Education and Exit).

    John Richmond, the last Chair of the General Education Council (GEC), provided background information about what the old council had done and about the history of general education at USF. When the Liberal Arts requirements were proposed and approved, the Provost, Jerry Meisels, assured all those involved with the requirements that USF did not live in a student credit hour environment. These requirements, in many cases, have caused an expansion of faculty and TAs. The General Education was not a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. Courses had to go through two separate bodies (GEC and UC) to be approved as a course and for general education/exit. Professor Richmond recommended that the UC plan to meet four times a month to accomplish the work that they do for regular course/program approval and for the expanded duties of reviewing and certifying courses for general education/exit.

    The University is about to have another SACS accreditation review. The Liberal Arts requirements will be evaluated as part of the SACS review. The richness and diversity of the Liberal Arts curriculum make it very difficult to evaluate. Teresa Flateby, Director of Evaluation and Testing, has begun an assessment of the General Education requirements and has formed a General Education Assessment Advisory Committee (GEAA). They have started looking at a witing sample for Exit courses.

    The Undergraduate Council must help the new Board of Trustees (BOT) understand how higher education has and is still being micromanaged. The Graduate Council has invited the BOT to attend a meeting. The Undergraduate Council might do the same. The BOT needs to help the faculty make the curriculum better.

  3. New courses proposals were distributed for review at a special meeting to be held November 5, 2001. There will be a proposal from Student Government regarding a change to the new plus/minus grading policy.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 5, 2001. That meeting will start at 3:30 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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