USF Undergraduate Council - Minutes of September 10, 2001

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Present: Cindy Bethel, Eva Christensen, Deborah Condosta, Greg Hyden, Myung Kim, Tanice Knopp, Frank Mason, Ram Pendyala, Nancy Ratcliff, Sandra Reynolds (Chair), Jennifer Salk

Guests: Teresa Flateby, W. Robert Sullins

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m.

  1. The minutes of April 30, 2001 were approved with one correction in Item 10 to change 60 hours to 30 hours. The Faculty Senate has requested that the Undergraduate Council minutes not be posted on the web site until after they have been officially approved at a meeting.

  2. Sandra Reynolds welcomed the returning and new members to the Undergraduate Council. She distributed the official charge. The Undergraduate Council is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of the undergraduate curriculum and the general education requirements; for insuring that the curriculum meets the employment needs of our students; and for evaluating existing undergraduate courses (Gordon rule, etc.) with particular focus on the General Education courses. Dean Sullins would like the Undergraduate Council to have a more proactive rather than reactive role regarding undergraduate curriculum and policies. Dr. Flateby, Director of Evaluation and Testing, will be joining the Council during this academic year since USF is preparing for the SACS review.

    The Undergraduate Council forwarded three proposals to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) for presentation to the full Senate. The first proposal was to remove the exit requirements for second baccalaureate majors - FSEC recommends No. The second proposal was to reduce the total exit requirements for all students to 2 courses from 3 - FSEC recommends No. The third proposal was to make all Literature and Writing courses meet the Gordon Rule requirements.

    The Council members discussed several proposals to reorganize the meetings to allow time for course and program proposal review, for policy review, and curriculum review. It was decided that the Council will divide meetings into two sections - course and program proposal review and policy/curriculum review. One hour of each meeting will be devoted to each.

  3. New course proposals were distributed and assigned to members for review and presentation at future meetings. Returning members of the Council will present their courses at the next meeting so that the new members see the process.

The next meeting will be Monday, September 24, 2001. The meeting was adjourned at 4:47 p.m.

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