USF Undergraduate Council - Minutes of April 8, 2002

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Present: Cindy Bethel, Tony Embry, Deborah Condosta, Myung Kim, Ram Pendyala, Nancy Ratcliff, Sandra Reynolds (Chair), Jennifer Salk


Guests: Terri Flateby, W. Robert Sullins, Curtis Wienker

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m.

1.      The minutes of February 25, 2002, were approved as submitted.

2.      No Announcements

3.      General Education Goals - T. Flateby spoke to the Council about the proposed General Education goals and asked for feedback. The proposed goals are posted on the web.

4.      Course Proposal Review

REL 3110 Religion and Popular Culture This course will examine the relationship between religion and popular culture. It is proposed to meet the Historical Perspective and Social Science areas of the General Education requirements. The course was approved with the provision that the syllabus be changed to match the course proposal and the removal of oral expression from the General Education certification.

ARH 4115 Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art
ARH 4130 Greek Art
ARH 4171 Roman Art
These are three art history courses. Greek and Roman art have been taught as one course previously. All three courses were approved as submitted.

Graphic Design Program

This program will be offered through the St. Petersburg Campus. There are 13 new courses proposed for the major. The program proposal and the 13 courses were approved with the stipulation that the course syllabi have learning activities/objectives added to the content and that the grading scale be corrected.

GLY 4946L Practical and Applied Geology: Teaching Experiences
GLY 4948L Practical and Applied Geology: Field Experience
GLY 4949L Practical and Applied Geology: Computational Experience
The Geology Department is proposing a revision to the curriculum to address the repeat course surcharge and proposing three new courses to split out the capstone areas. The courses and curriculum changes were approved with the stipulation that the course syllabi include the student learning outcomes.

PHI 1104 Critical Reasoning in Science and Society
This course will help student learn to be better "scientific citizens" and will focus on examples of scientific controversies to help students develop scientific reasoning skills. The course was approved with modifications to the syllabus and the course description

IDS 3949 Cooperative Education
IDS 4949 Cooperative Education, Alternating
The Cooperative Education program is proposing the split the current single course offering into two separate courses - one for students taking a full semester away from USF and one for students who wish to work part-time during the academic year. The two courses were approved following discussion.

LIN 4600 Language and Society
This course is being proposed to meet the Major Works/Major Issues portion of the Exit requirements. Following discussion, the course was approved pending changes to the syllabus to include student learning outcomes.

REL 4144 Women and the Bible
This is a new course that will examine the role of women in the Bible and the roles that they played in the society of the time. It is proposed to meet Gordon Rule writing, ALAMEA and historical perspectives and Major Works/Major Issues and Literature and Writing. The course was approved pending corrections to the syllabus to include student learning outcomes.

The next meeting will be Monday, April 22, 2002. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

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