Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


Queer and Sexuality Studies (QSS)

18 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Minor Description

The minor in Women's and Gender Studies is available to students pursuing any other major at USF.

Total Minor Hours - 18 Hours

Core Information

The minor in Queer and Sexuality Studies requires a minimum of 18 hours of interdisciplinary coursework.

Core Courses - 6 Hours

Choose 6 hours from:

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Must include a minimum of six (6) hours at the 4000-level or higher.

12 credit hours selected from:

  • Any course in the Minor Core not counted toward the Core
  • WST 2600 Human Sexual Behavior
  • WST 3334 Queer Film & Television
  • WST 4930 Selected Topics: Sex Work and Trafficking
  • HIS 3930 Special Topics: Gay and Lesbian US History
  • HIS 3930 Special Topics: History of AIDS
  • HIS 3930 Special Topics: History of Gender and Sexuality
  • HIS 3930 Special Topics: Sexuality in Latin America
  • SYA 4930 Topics in Sociology: LGBT Youth in Education or WST 4930 Selected Topics: LGBT Youth in Education
  • SYA 4121 Queer Theory
  • AFA 4931 Selected Topics in Afro-Amer Studies: African Queer Studies

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