Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


General Studies (BGS) with a concentration in Architecture (GAR)

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 24.0102

Undergraduate Studies


Major Description

USF's Bachelor of General Studies Degree (BGS) is a customized, interdisciplinary degree completion program that provides students with options to choose an appropriate academic program that fits their educational and professional goals. The BGS major provides mid-career, adult students with the opportunity to integrate completion of the baccalaureate degree into their established lifestyle.

BGS students will take an active role in creating their academic plans. Rather than choosing a traditional major, BGS students can choose from a number of established plans of study or can create their own individualized plan of study. BGS students complete 24-27 credits (core courses and electives) within a selected concentration in addition to their other degree requirements. Due to the nature of degree completion programs, please note the following admissions requirements: a gap in education of 3 or more years, at least 60 credits earned at a regionally accredited college or university, good academic standing and extensive work experience. In addition to these requirements, all applicants must meet USF's general admissions standards for transfer students.   Students pursuing a Bachelor of General Studies degree are restricted from declaring a minor, due to USF's degree progression policy.

Students may not pursue the Bachelor of General Studies as a second major, co-degree (concurrent degree), dual degree, or second or post-baccalaureate degree. Baccalaureate degree holders who wish to pursue further education are encouraged to pursue admission into a graduate degree program of study.

Concentration Description

This concentration is not accepting new admits, as it is reserved for redirected graduate students from the USF Tampa Master of Architecture degree program on a case-by-case basis. Students are subject to BGS admission requirements, therefore admission to the program is not a guarantee.     

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students desiring to transfer to USF should complete an A.A. degree at a Florida College System institution. If students transfer with fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the students must meet the University's entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements. Transfer students are also required to comply with the immunization, foreign language, and continuous enrollment policies of the university.

There are no State Mandated Common Prerequisites for this program.

Total Major Hours: 24-27 Hours

Major Core Courses - 3 Hours

USF Capstone EXIT Requirement:
  • ARC 2211 Introduction to Architecture
  • ARC 2131C Introduction to Architectural Design and Graphics
  • ARC 2135C Introduction to Architectural Design and Graphics II
  • ARC 2931 Selected Topics: Introduction to Digital Architecture
  • ARC 2112L Architectural Freehand Drawing Methods OR Other Creative Arts course, as approved by the Architecture advisor
  • MAC 2233 Business Calculus or MAC 2311 Calculus I OR MAC 2281 Engineering Calculus I
  • ARC 4931 Selected TOpics in Architecture and Community Design: Physics for Architects OR PHY 2020 Conceptual Physics
  • ARC 4784 The City OR ARC 3743 Building and Ideas (pending approval)


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