Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018

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College of Arts & Sciences

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences

We prepare students, scholars, human service providers, policy makers, and other professionals to improve the quality of life, health, and safety of diverse populations.

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Muma College of Business

We provide a high quality, diverse learning environment preparing students to contribute to and take leading positions in business and society.

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College of Education

We prepare the next generation of educators, scholars, and leaders for pK-12 and the professoriate through exemplary undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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College of Engineering

We engage in effective community service and outreach while creating new knowledge and solving real world problems via innovative research.

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College of Nursing

Transforming Healthcare, transforming lives. We create the nursing leaders of tomorrow and the research that improves health.

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College of Public Health

We improve the public's health through advancing discovery, learning, and service

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College of The Arts

We conduct scholarly and creative research while challenging and inspiring students to make significant contributions in the arts.

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