Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018


Public Administration (PAN)

15 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Minor Description

The Public Administration minor provides an introduction to public administration, public policy, state and local government. It is a smart choice for any student considering future employment in the public sector. 

Total Minor Hours - 15 Hours

Core Information

The minor in Public Administration consists of 15 credit hours.

Core Courses - 9 Hours

  • PAD 3003 Introduction to Public Administration
  • PAD 4204 Public Financial Administration
  • PAD 4415 Personnel & Supervision for Today’s Diverse Organizations

Elective Courses - 6 Hours

Select six (6) credit hours from the following list:

  • PAD 4930 Selected Topics in Public Administration and Public Policy
  • PUP 4002 Public Policy
  • PAD 4144 Non-Profit Organizations and Public Policy
  • PAD 4712 Managing Information Resources in the Public Sector
  • URS 3002 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • URP 4050 City Planning and Community Development
  • URP 4052 Urban and Regional Planning

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