Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18


IT Technical Minor (ITE)

24 Credit Hours

College of Engineering


Minor Description

The IT Technical minor provides a small core of three essential technical courses meant to provide students with the conceptual and technical basis necessary to deal with more advanced topics. Rounding out the IT Technical minor are five electives to be chosen from a larger set of courses. Students are expected to develop a conceptual understanding of the IT field while developing programming skills they may apply to strengthen their major.

Total Minor Hours - 24 Hours

Core Information

This Information Technology Technical Minor is a 24 credit hour program that is open to all students, except for Information Technology, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering majors, who meet the prerequisites listed.

Core Courses - 9 Hours

Required Courses: CGS 3303 IT ConceptsCOP 3515 Program Design for Information TechnologyEEL 4854 Data Structures and Algorithms for IT

Elective Courses - 15 Hours

Electives (choose five courses from the list below):

  • CDA 3101 Computer Organization for Information Technology (PR: CGS 3303)CEN 3722 Human Computer Interfaces for Information TechnologyCEN 4031 Software Engineering Concepts for IT (PR: EEL 4854)CIS 4361 Information Technology Security ManagementCIS 4412 Information Technology Resource ManagementCNT 4104 Computer Information Networks for Information TechnologyCNT 4104L Computer Information Networks Laboratory for ITCOP 4610 Operating Systems for Information Technology (PR: EEL 4854)COP 4703 Database Systems for Information Technology (PR: EEL 4854)Selected special topics courses in the Department

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