Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018


World Languages and Cultures (WLC) with a concentration in Applied Linguistics (WLAL)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 16.0101

College of Arts & Sciences

Major Description

The B.A. in World Languages and Cultures offers students a solid foundation in language and linguistic skills as well as knowledge of diverse cultures. Students may choose one concentration: Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language and Culture, Classics, East Asian Languages and Cultures, French, French International Studies and Business, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish International Studies and Business, or may combine two concentrations (36 credit hours: 6 credit hours major core and 15 credit hours per concentration; the French International Studies and Business and the Spanish International Studies and Business concentrations are excluded). Upon completion of the program, students will be able to interact and participate in a global environment.

Concentration Description

The Applied Linguistics concentration will help students comprehend a broad range of language-related issues to better understand how language functions both in the lives of individuals and in society. The coursework in this concentration will prepare students for a wide-range of career options, including pedagogical formation for language teaching domestically or internationally, cross-culture competency for careers in industry, and foundation knowledge in applied linguistics to be successful in graduate work in the field.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students wishing to transfer to USF should complete an A.A. degree at a Florida College System institution. Some courses required for the major may also meet General Education requirements thereby transferring maximum hours to the university.

If a student wishes to transfer without an A.A. degree and has fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the student must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

Transfer students are also required to comply with the immunization, foreign language, and continuous enrollment policies of the university.

Students should complete the following prerequisite courses at the lower level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken at a Florida College System institution, they must be completed before the degree is granted.

Unless stated otherwise, a grade of C- is the minimum acceptable grade in prerequisite courses.

  • Students should demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level within the concentration’s language. This may be accomplished by completing 6-12 hours within the language or by demonstrated competency at the intermediate level.

Total Major Hours: 30 Hours

Major Core Courses - 6 Hours

Major Elective Courses - 24-63 Hours

Students must select one of the following concentrations:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • Classics
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • French
  • French International Studies and Business
  • German
  • Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish International Studies and Business

Concentration Core

Recommended Language Preparation:

Four semesters in any language or equivalent language competency prior to taking courses in the concentration.

  • LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LIN 4721 Second Language Acquisition (GCPC)

Concentration Elective Courses - 18 Hours

Students choose a total of six courses (18 credit hours) of Applied Linguistics coursework from the following list:

Of these six elective courses, one literature or culture course can be substituted (e.g. Russian Literature in Translation, Introduction to Chinese Culture, etc.)

Note: Advanced undergraduates may be able to register for the graduate-level seminars upon the recommendation of the faculty.

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