Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18


National Intelligence

26 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Certificate Description

The Certificate Program in National Intelligence is designed to promote students' analytical capabilities, not only improving their competitiveness in the employment process, but also giving them solid intellectual foundations for demanding professional careers. The program specifically helps prepare students for careers in government, especially intelligence positions, as well as analytical executive positions in the banking, insurance, and the pharmaceutical industries. The flexible program includes workshops and seminars which each student can fit with his or her major course of study. Those who complete the certificate program should be able to effectively gather, analyze, and evaluate information and present conclusions both orally and in writing.

Total Certificate Hours - 26 Hours

Core Courses - 26 Hours

Foreign Language Proficiency: (minimum 4 semesters of language study, or proficiency):
Students must pass an exam administered by the World Languages Department to determine if the student has the equivalent of two years of language instruction in any foreign language. The placement exam will be administered after a student has taken language instruction at USF or for students who claim foreign language proficiency upon enrolling at USF. Those students who want to pursue additional training in a "hard" language (Chinese, Arabic, for example) are eligible for some funding support under this program. Interested students should submit a language-study proposal to the Director of the Program.

Professional Writing: (3 credit hour minimum):
The certificate program places a heavy emphasis on developing writing skills. Certificate holders must have satisfactorily completed one of the following professional writing courses:

  • ENC 3242 Technical Communication for Majors
  • ENC 3250 Professional Writing
  • ENC 3310 Expository Writing
  • PHC 4720 Foundation to Professional Writing in Public Health
  • LIS 4029 Professional and Technical Communication for Analysis

International Relations: (3 credit hour minimum):
Certificate holders must have satisfactorily completed one of the following international relations courses:

  • CPO 2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • INR 3102 American Foreign Policy
  • CPO 4930 Comparative Government and Politics of Select Areas

Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking Courses: (6 credit hour minimum):
Certificate holders must satisfactorily complete courses in their majors/minors that promote analytical skills and critical thinking. The Program Director, in consultation with the Dean of the College or Department of a requesting student, can include proposed courses (such as independent study) to fulfill this requirement; course approval will be made on a case-by-case basis. The Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking requirement should be met by taking the appropriate courses for your major.

  • AMS 4935 Senior Seminar in American Studies
  • CEG 4850 Capstone Geotechnical/Transportation Design
  • CES 4704 Capstone Structural/Materials Design
  • CIS 4250 Ethical Issues and Professional Conduct
  • CWR 4812 Capstone Water Resources/Environmental Design
  • ECH 4615 Product and Process Design
  • EEL 4914 EE Design 2
  • EIN 4891 Capstone Design
  • EML 4551 Capstone Design
  • GEB 4890 Strategic Management and Decision Making
  • HIS 4936 Pro-Seminar in History
  • HSC 4631 Critical Issues in Public Health
  • MHS 4731 Writing for Research and Publication in Behavioral and Community Sciences
  • MAN 4631 Global Perspectives and Management Choices

Workshops and Seminars: (2 credit hour minimum):
The Program Director will conduct workshops (one-day) and seminars (four consecutive days during the summer break). Students pursuing a certificate must participate in one workshop prior to registering for a seminar. The workshops will be conducted frequently during the academic year and the four-day seminar will be offered during the summer months (ideally, one in June, one in July and one in August). Satisfactory completion of the seminar constitutes a 2-credit course. The seminars may be repeated for credit.

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