Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018


Foundations of Cyber Security

12 Credit Hours

College of Engineering


Certificate Description

This certificate covers a broad range of topics in Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity with a focus on practical tools for analyzing and protecting IT systems. Students completing the certificate will understand threats to IT systems and how to mitigate these threats. This certificate program is open to students from all majors except Department of Computer Science and Engineering majors (BSCS, BSCpE, and BSIT) – there are no prerequisite requirements to enter the certificate program.

Total Certificate Hours - 12 Hours

Core Information

This certificate requires successful completion of four core courses - there are no elective courses. The four courses come from the BSIT program in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In rare cases, substitutions may be possible. Contact the Department Undergraduate Advisor for more information.

Core Courses - 12 Hours

  • CGS 1540 Introduction to Databases for Information Technology
  • CGS 3303 IT Concepts
  • CIS 3213 Foundations of Cyber Security
  • COP 2512 Programming Fundamentals for Information Technology

Additional Certificate Information

Advising Information

Advising for this certificate program is from the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. See here: http://www.usf.edu/engineering/cse/people/advisor.aspx.

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