Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Nutrition (NUT)

15 Credit Hours

College of Public Health


Minor Description

Nutrition science is both personally and professionally relevant, emphasizing health promotion, optimal human performance, disease prevention, quality of life and longevity. Career opportunities that are complemented by a nutrition minor include public health, health sciences, food technology, psychology, gerontology, social work, health promotion and communication, with potential employment in the public and/or private sector. 

Total Minor Hours - 15 Hours

Core Courses - 3 Hours

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Students must choose four of the following courses:

Additional Minor Requirements

No courses may be applied toward both a major and a minor in Public Health.  

GPA Requirement

A minimum average 2.0 GPA in the 15 credits are required for obtaining this minor.

Grade Requirment

A minimum grade of C- for all required courses.

Additional Minor Information

Declaration of Minor:


Advising Information

It is highly recommended that students meet with an advisor in the College of Public Health early to verify coursework for the minor.

For additional information about the minor, please contact:

Faculty Information

Dr. Lauri Wright

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  Additional Requirements

There are additional requirements for this minor such as grade, GPA, and/or foreign language requirements.


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