Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Mathematics (MTH)

27 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Minor Description

The Mathematics minor offers a diversity of courses designed to emphasizes the broad nature of modern mathematics and its close associations with the real world.

Total Minor Hours - 27 Hours

Core Courses - 21 Hours

Elective Courses - 6 Hours

Complete any two (2) Mathematics courses from the following list

  • COP 4313 Symbolic Computations in Mathematics
  • MAA 4211 Intermediate Analysis I
  • MAA 4212 Intermediate Analysis II
  • MAA 4402 Complex Variables 
  • MAD 4203 Introduction to Combinatorics
  • MAD 4301 Introduction to Graph Theory
  • MAD 4401 Numerical Analysis I
  • MAD 4402 Numerical Analysis II
  • MAD 4504 Theory of Computation
  • MAD 4xxx Cryptography and Coding Theory
  • MAP 2302 Differential Equations
  • MAP 4202 Optimization
  • MAP 4341 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
  • MAS 4301 Elementary Abstract Algebra
  • MAS 4302 Elementary Abstract Algebra II
  • MHF 4406 The History of Modern Mathematics
  • MTG 4214 Modern Geometry
  • MTG 4254 Differential Geometry 
  • MTG 4302 Introduction to Topology
  • STA 4321 Essentials of Statistics
  • STA 4442 Introduction to Probability
  • MAT 4930 Selected Topics in Mathematics may be taken as an elective with the prior approval of the department chair.

One course from another department which is of high mathematical content may also be taken as an elective, with the prior approval of the department chair.

Additional Minor Requirements

Residency Requirement

A student wishing to receive a minor in Mathematics is required to take a minimum of eight (8) credit hours of required courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USF-Tampa.

Additional Minor Information

The minor in Mathematics is open to all students. Students with majors in the sciences, engineering, business, and the social sciences are particularly encouraged to pursue the minor.

Advising Information

Please visit the following website http://math.usf.edu/resources/advising/ for additional information and all your advising needs.

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