Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Linguistics (LIN)

15 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Minor Description

The linguistics minor can complement any language major, as well as many other majors.  In the linguistics minor, you will have the opportunity to take upper-level classes focusing on language, culture, pedagogy and theoretical linguistics. The minor can prepare you for teaching a foreign language in the United States, teaching English overseas, working for a company in which there are multinational employees, and other similar careers. It will also give you a foundation to pursue graduate work in applied linguistics or languages. Knowledge of the structure of language will help you hone your analytic thinking skills, which can be transferred to other areas such as succeeding on the LSAT or entering a career in the field of computer science. Linguistics courses can also help you improve your writing-related skills, oral communication skills, and intercultural communication.

Total Minor Hours - 15 Hours

Core Courses - 3 Hours

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Additional Minor Requirements

GPA Requirement

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required.

Grade Requirment

A minimum grade of C- or better must be attained in each course.

Residency Requirement

A minimum of nine (9) hours must be completed at the University of South Florida.

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