Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Public Health (GPH)

18 Credit Hours

College of Public Health


Minor Description

The goal of the general Public Health minor is to develop in a broad range of students an understanding and appreciation of the field of Public Health.

Total Minor Hours - 18 Hours

Core Information

It is recommended students follow the sequence of courses listed below. These courses will give students a broad overview of public health concepts. 

Core Courses - 9 Hours

Elective Courses - 9 Hours

  • HSC 2100 Contemporary Health Science
  • HSC 2130 Sex, Health and Decision Making
  • HSC 2017 Careers in Public Health
  • HSC 2933 Special Topics in Public Health
  • HUN 2201 Nutrition
  • HSC 3541 Human Structure and Function
  • HSC 4172 Women's Health: A Public Health Perspective
  • HSC 4211 Health, Behavior and Society
  • HSC 4504 Foundations of Public Health Immunology
  • HSC 4537 Medical Terminology
  • HSC 4579 Foundations of Maternal and Child Health
  • HSC 4573 Foundations of Food Safety
  • HSC 4624 Foundations of Global Health
  • PHC 4031 Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • PHC 4069 Biostatistics in Society
  • PHC 4931 Health Care Ethics
  • PHC 4032 Foundations of Infection Control
  • PHC 3320 Environmental Health Science
  • PHC 3721 Research Methods in Environmental and Occupational Health
  • HSC 4213 Environmental and Occupational Risk Analysis
  • HSC 4430 Occupational Health and Safety
  • PHC 4188 Public Health Emergencies in Large Populations
  • PHC 4234 Public and Private Continuity Planning for Emergencies
  • PHC 4241 Psychology of Fear and Mental Health Issues Related to Disasters
  • PHC 4375 Community Participation in Homeland Security
  • PHC 4376 Disaster by Design: Exercise Development for Homeland Security Professionals
  • PHC 4406 Pop Culture, Vices and Epidemiology
  • PHC 4140 Introduction to Public Health Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • PHC 4592 Public Health Genetics
  • PHC 4109 Public Health Biology
  • PHC 4501 Health Education Theory and Behavior 
  • PHC 4141 Intervention Program Planning and Management
  • PHC 4582 Health Education Methods, Communication and Advocacy 
  • HUN 3126 Food and Culture
  • HUN 3296 Nutrition and Disease
  • HUN 3272 Sports Nutrition
  • PHC 4720 Foundations of Public Health Writing
  • HSC 4631 Critical Issues in Public Health
  • HSC 4933 Special Topics in Public Health*

*Please see an academic advisor for selection of special topics courses.

Additional Minor Information


Declaration of Minor:




Advising Information

It is highly recommended students meet with an advisor in the College of Public Health early to verify coursework for the minor.

For additional information about the minor, please contact: UG-PublicHealthAdvising@health.usf.edu, (813) 974-4633




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