Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Geology (GLY)

16 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences

Minor Description

Total Minor Hours - 16 Hours

Core Information

Sixteen (16) credit hours are required. The completion of the introductory sequence courses (4 credit hours) listed and any three Geology Core courses (12 hours).

Core Courses - 4 Hours

Introductory Sequence (4 credit hours):

  • One course, chosen from:
    • GLY 2010 Dynamic Earth: Introduction to Physical Geology
    • GLY 2030 Hazards of the Earth’s Surface: Environmental Geology
    • GLY 2100 History of Life
    • OCE 2001 Introduction to Oceanography
    • Or other comparable acceptable course offerings, as approved by the undergraduate advisor
  • GLY 2000L Essentials of Geology Laboratory

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Any three Geology Core courses.

Additional Minor Information

Teacher Education Programs

Prospective elementary and secondary school teachers desiring to teach science should include basic courses in geology and related sciences as part of their curriculum.

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