Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Global Communicable Disease (GCD)

15 Credit Hours

College of Public Health


Minor Description

The Global Communicable Disease minor provides a broad foundation of global health with a focus on communicable/infectious diseases for individuals interested in pursuing a career at an academic and/or research institution, or in local, state or national government, military or in the global arena.

Total Minor Hours - 15 Hours

Core Courses - 15 Hours

  • PHC 4109 Public Health Biology        
  • HSC 4504 Foundations of Public Health Immunology
  • PHC 4031 Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • PHC 4592 Public Health Genetics
  • PHC 4140 Introduction to Public Health Geographic Information Systems

Additional Minor Requirements

No courses may be applied toward both a major and a minor in Public Health.

GPA Requirement

A minimum average 2.0 GPA is required in the 15 credits that are required for obtaining this minor.

Grade Requirment

A minimum grade of C- for all required courses.

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