Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Economics (ECO)

18 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Minor Description

Economics focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills, which means the Minor in Economics can pair well with any Major.  

Total Minor Hours - 18 Hours

Core Information

All students, regardless of college, can earn a minor in Economics by satisfactorily completing 18 hours in Economics.

Core Courses - 6 Hours

  • ECO 2013 Economic Principles: Macroeconomics
  • ECO 2023 Economic Principles: Microeconomics

ECO 1000, if taken before both ECO 2013 and ECO 2023 and student receives a C- or better, may be substituted for 3 hours of upper level electives. Before being recognized as a minor in economics a student must obtain program approval by the Economics Department Undergraduate Advisor. A grade point average of 2.0 or higher must be achieved in the minor course work at USF and in all minor courses completed at any institution. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of “C-” is the minimum acceptable grade for all minor and supporting minor courses.

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Students must choose twelve (12) credit hours of Economics electives numbered 3000 or higher (may include QMB 3200).

Additional Minor Information

The Economics Pre-Law Curriculum

Economic principles provide the foundation for much of our legal system. Economics offers a series of courses to provide the abstract and applied skills required by those seeking legal careers.

Beyond ECO 2013 Economic Principles: Macroeconomics and ECO 2023 Economic Principles: Microeconomics, students should elect ECP 4451 Law and Economics, ECP 3413 Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, and ECO 4505 Economics of Crime. Additional courses of interest are ECO 4504 Public Finance, ECP 3530 Economics of Health, ECP 3302 Environmental Economics, ECP 3203 Labor Economics, and ECP 3201 Economics of Women and Work.

The Economics Pre Law Curriculum fits easily within the Economics major or minor but is open to other students.

Advising Information


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