Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Studio Art (SBF)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 50.0702 (Track 1 of 2)

College of The Arts


Major Description

The B.F.A. program in Studio Art will expose the student to many possibilities in the art-making process. The areas of emphasis in art media on the Tampa campus are painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and electronic media/video/performance. These options provide access to a comprehensive program of study in art. Students can develop their conceptual and technical skills in a particular art discipline or decide to investigate a specific subject through the use of numerous media and "mixed" forms of art.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

The School of Art & Art History encourages students who wish to transfer from Florida Community Colleges to complete their A.A. prior to transfer. If a student wishes to transfer without an A.A. degree and has fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the student must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements. Please be aware of the immunization, foreign language, and continuous enrollment policies of the university.

Students may complete the prerequisite courses listed below prior to entering the university. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of “C” is the minimum acceptable grade. The following prerequisite courses will be accepted as meeting lower level requirements:

Note: It is recommended that transfer students complete both Design I and Design II prior to transfer. If a student does not complete Design I and Design II prior to transfer they should wait and enroll in ART 2201C (Concepts and Practices I) and ART 2203C (Concepts and Practices II) at USF.

  • ART X201 Design I or ART XXXX
  • ART X202 Design II or ART X203 or ART XXXX
  • ART X300 Drawing I
  • ART X301 Drawing II or ART X330 or ART X205 or ART X310 or ART X305
  • ART X050 Art History Survey I
  • ART X051 Art History Survey II
  • ART XXXX 6 semester hours of ART courses

Total Major Hours: 82 Hours

Major Core Courses - 82 Hours

  1. Art Foundations (18 credit hours):
    • ARH 2050 History of Visual Arts I*
    • ARH 2051 History of Visual Arts II*
    • ART 2201C Concepts and Practices I**
    • ART 2203C Concepts and Practices II**
    • ART 2301C Beginning Drawing
    • ART 3310C Intermediate Drawing
    • *History of Visual Arts I and II must be used to satisfy the FKL “Humanities” requirement if the student is to remain within 120 hours for the degree.
      **Concepts and Practices I or II must be used to satisfy the FKL “Fine Arts” requirement if the student is to remain within 120 hours for the degree.
  2. 2000 Level Studio (12 credit hours):
    • 2000 Level 2-D Studio
    • 2000 Level 3-D Studio
    • 2000 Level Specialization
    • 2000 Level Elective Studio
  3. 3000 Level Studio (18 credit hours):
    • 3000 Level Specialization
    • 3000 Level Non-Specialization
    • 3000 Elective Studio
  4. 4000 Level Studio (9 credit hours):
    • 4000 Level Specialization
    • 3000 or 4000 Level Elective
  5. Expanded Context Courses (3 credit hours):
    • A minimum of 3 hours of studio work must be from selected expanded context courses. Expanded context courses include ART 4806 Theme Studio, cross-media classes and/or ART 4930 Special Topics in Art studio classes.
  6. Art History (9 credit hours):
    • ARH 4450 20th Century Art
    • ARH 4475C Contemporary Issues in Art
    • 4000 Level Period Art History
  7. Additional Requirements (13 credit hours):
    • ART 3939 Real World
    • ART 4940 Extended Studies*
    • ART 4970 Senior Thesis
    • ART 3618 Technology Essentials for Artists**
    • *Paris Program, Public Art, Museum Internships, Community Art, Artists Internships/Apprenticeships, London Middlesex Program, Johannesburg Program.
      **Must be taken with the second Advanced Studio in the student’s specialization.

Additional Major Information

Major Faculty

Director: W. Wilson; Professor: E. Fraser, L. Marcus; Associate Professors: W. Babcox, N. Bender, J. Byrd, E. Condon, G. Green, R. Lawrence, R. Marchi, B. Shanks, H. Szepe, J. Weitz; Assistant Professors: C. Cornejo, A. Ekberg, N. Mason, A. Moore, A. Pollack, Instructors: M. Fournier; Assistant in Student Advising: R. Olinger; Distinguished Professor-Dean Emeritus: D.J. Saff; Dean Emeritus-Professor Emeritus: H.W. Covington; Chair Emeritus-Professor Emeritus: G. Pappas; Professor Emeriti: E. Cox, A. Eaker, C. Fager, J. Kronsnoble, M. Larsen, C. Lyman, B. Marsh,; Associate Professor Emeritus: D. Wright, T. Wujcik.

Major Other Information

The USF School of Art & Art History hosts fully equipped studios in all of these disciplines.

The B.F.A. program in Graphic Design is a limited access program and offered only at USF St. Petersburg. (Juniors and Seniors only)

Transfer credit from other institutions is accepted on the basis of portfolio and transcript evaluation. The School of Art & Art History accepts transfer credit from all Florida programs that are part of the "common course prerequisites".

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