Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Psychology (PSY)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 42.0101

College of Arts & Sciences


Major Description

The undergraduate program in Psychology offers the student a well-rounded liberal arts education. In addition, the program provides excellent training for qualified students who wish to pursue graduate work in such disciplines as Clinical, Cognitive and Neural Sciences or Industrial Psychology, Education, Gerontology, Counseling, Management, Medicine, Law, and other human service programs. The undergraduate major emphasizes the breadth of psychology while allowing the student some electives to pursue in depth a particular aspect of the field. Interested undergraduate majors may apply for admission to the Honors Program.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Psychology is not a limited access program, but transfer students are encouraged to complete the following state - approved prerequisite courses at the lower level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken prior to transferring to USF, they must be completed before the degree is granted. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of "C" is the minimum acceptable grade.
  • BSC X0XX General Biology course (or BSC X20X or ZOO X010)
  • PSY X012 Introduction to Psychological Science
  • PSY XXXX Any other lower-level Psychology course within the Psychology inventory (i.e., CLP, DEP, EAB, EXP, INP, PCO, PPE, and PSB prefixes).
  • STA XXXX Any level Statistics course

Total Major Hours: 34 Hours

Major Core

Majors must complete at least 34 credit hours of specified Psychology major coursework.

Major Core Courses - 25 Hours

  1. Introductory Psychology Requirements (10 credit hours):
    • PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychological Science
    • PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics or any approved statistics course
    • PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology

    After the introductory psychology requirements, students may choose among courses within the following categories to satisfy the remaining requirements.

  2. One Methods Course: (3 credit hours):
    • CLP 4433 Psychological Tests and Measurements
    • PSY 4205 Experimental Design and Analysis
  3. Two Courses in Cognitive and Neural Sciences (6 credit hours):
  4. Two Courses in Social/Applied Psychology (6 credit hours):

Major Elective Courses - 9 Hours

Psychology Elective Courses (9 credit hours):

If a student takes PSY 3204 to meet the statistics requirement, the student must take three Psychology elective courses (9 credit hours). However, if a student took a different statistics course, the student must take four Psychology elective courses (12 credit hours).

The Psychology elective courses may be chosen from the courses listed in the above categories beyond the required number for each group and/or any of the following;

  • PSB 3444 Drugs and Behavior**
  • GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging**
  • CBH 4004 Comparative Psychology
  • CLP 4414 Behavior Modification
  • SOP 4514 Holocaust, Social Prejudice and Mortality
  • SOP 4330 The Social Psychology of HIV/AIDS
  • SOP 4702 Psychology of Gender**
  • CLP 4314 Health Psychology
  • PSY 4215 Discovering Research in Psychology
  • PSY 4913 Directed Study (Instructor's permission is required to take this course)
  • PSY 4931 Select Topics: Seminar (Generally this course require the instructor's permission.)

**No prerequisite required.

Additional Major Requirements

Major Requirements

Once declared a Psychology major, continuation in the major requires successful completion of (with at least a grade of C (not C-) or better):

  • PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychological Science
  • PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics (or another approved Statistics course)
  • PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 3213 is the prerequisite to all of the upper-level Psychology coursework, with the exception of CLP 4314 Health Psychology, PSB 3444 Drugs and Behavior, SOP 4702 Psychology of Gender, and GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging.

No more than a total of three (3) hours of PSY 4913 Directed Study or PSY 4970 Honors Thesis may count toward the major.

PSY 4931 Select Topics, may be repeated three (3) times for credit under three different topics.

DEP 3103 Child Psychology, SOP 3742 Psychology of Women, SYP 3000 Social Psychology, PSY 4932 Honors Seminar and PSY 4974 Honors Psych Seminar Second do not count toward the major requirements.

Department of Psychology students are expected to complete their major coursework in a timely fashion. Students who receive a total of three (3) D and/or F grades in Psychology major coursework will no longer be eligible to continue in the Psychology major and will be required to change their major to a field outside of the Department of Psychology. Grade forgiveness will not exclude a D or F grade from counting for this rule.

Students who began as Psychology majors prior to Fall 2012 will be provided a phase-in period. Specifically, students who accumulated D and/or F grades in Psychology coursework at USF prior to Fall 2012 will be allowed to count any and all prior non-pass grades as one (1) D/F grade. Beginning Fall 2012, these students can still receive two (2) more D and/or F grades at USF before being required to choose a new major.

Once Psychology major students have received three (3) D and/or F grades in Psychology major coursework, they will be removed from all Department of Psychology courses for which they are currently registered, removed from the Psychology major and placed into a non-major code, and emailed the notice of changes to their @mail.usf.edu account. Students will then need to select a new major, declare the new major with the appropriate college, and register for courses which apply to their new major.

The D/F Rule application is final and effective from the beginning of Fall 2012. To be considered for an appeal, a student must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Can (and must) complete all degree or minor requirements within one semester, with no more than 10 hours of Psychology area requirements.
  2. No longer have 3 D/F grades because the Academic Regulations Committee approved a late withdrawal/drop for one or more of the Psychology courses.
  3. No longer have 3 D/F grades because of an instructor change of grade in one or more of the Psychology area courses.

To appeal, the student must send an email to psychad@usf.edu; in the Subject line indicate D/F Appeal and in the body include name, student's U# and a complete explanation of the reason for the appeal. Appeals will be adjudicated by the Psychology Coordinator of Advising and students notified of results by email.

Coordinator of Advising decisions may be appealed in writing to the Psychology department's Undergraduate Program Committee.

Major GPA Requirement

A major GPA of 2.0 minimum is required for graduation.

Major Course Grade Requirement

A C- is allowable for individual courses.

Major Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of "C-" or better must be attained in each course in the major, except for PSY 2012, PSY 3204 (or other qualifying statistics course) and PSY 3213, where a C or better is required.

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