Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Nursing: Upper Division Sequence (NUR)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 51.3801

College of Nursing


Major Description

The Upper Division (NUR) sequence is for students who have completed all nursing pre-requisite courses and have a minimum GPA of 3.20. 

Limited Access - This major has additional admissions requirements as listed in this section.

This is a full-time limited access program, as mandated by the state, and is structured sequentially. Admission is competitive.

The College of Nursing is a limited access program. Any student who applies to the undergraduate program at the College of Nursing is initially coded as "pre-nursing" prior to official acceptance to the College of Nursing.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

The state-mandated nursing common pre-requisites are required to be completed before the published application deadline for the intended term of entry. A grade of 'C' or better is required.

The University's Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum (General Education) requirements and College of Nursing's prerequisite/support courses may be completed through the A.A. degree from a Florida College System institution. If a student wishes to transfer without an A.A. degree and has fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the student must meet the university's entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements. The A.A. degree satisfies admission requirements only if courses are carefully selected and include the required major prerequisite/support courses.

The College of Nursing requires certain courses within the Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum (General Education) requirement for the natural, social and behavioral sciences, and mathematics. Students must complete the prerequisite courses listed below prior to being admitted to the Upper Division sequence except those students in the C.A.R.E. program. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

All courses not approved by the Florida State Course Numbering System (includes all Florida public colleges, universities, and College System institutions) used to satisfy these prerequisite requirements will be evaluated individually on the basis of content and will require a catalog course description and a copy of the syllabus for assessment.

  • BSC X085C Human Anatomy & Physiology I or any Human Anatomy & Physiology I course, 4 semester hours
  • BSC X086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II or any Human Anatomy & Physiology II course, 4 semester hours
  • CHM, BSC, PHY, PCB, BCH XXXX Any Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Biochemistry course, 3 semester hours
  • DEP X004 Human Growth & Development or any Human Growth & Development course, 3 semester hours
  • HUN X201 Human Nutrition or any Human Nutrition course OR NUR 1192, 3 semester hours
  • MCB X010C Microbiology or Any Microbiology course, 4 semester hours
  • PSY, SYG, or SOP XXXX Any Psychology, Sociology, or Social Psychology course, 3 semester hours
  • STA X014 Statistics or any Statistics course, 3 semester hours

Total Major Hours: 68 Hours

Major Core Courses - 68 Hours

  • NUR 3125 Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice
  • NUR 3145 Pharmacology in Nursing Practice
  • NUR 3026 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice & Foundations for Clinical Judgment
  • NUR 3026L Nursing Fundamentals Clinical
  • NUR 3066 Physical Examination & Assessment
  • NUR 3826 Ethical/Legal Aspects of Nursing and Health Care
  • NUR 3535 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
  • NUR 3535L Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Clinical
  • NUR 3215 Medical Surgical Nursing I
  • NUR 3215L Medical Surgical Nursing Clinical I
  • NUR 4216 Medical Surgical Nursing II
  • NUR 4216L Medical Surgical Nursing Clinical II
  • NUR 4169C Evidence-Based Practice for Baccalaureate Prepared Nurse
  • NUR 4827C Leadership & Management in Professional Nursing Practice
  • NUR 4636 Community/Public Health: Population-Focused Nursing
  • NUR 4636L Community/Public Health Nursing Clinical
  • NUR 4355 Child & Adolescent Health Nursing
  • NUR 4455 Women's Health Nursing
  • NUR 4467L Maternal & Pediatric Nursing Care Clinical
  • NUR 4948L Preceptorship

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