Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


History (HTY)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 54.0101

College of Arts & Sciences


Major Description

The discipline of history embraces a diverse world of ideas, peoples, and events. Our faculty seeks to inform and to question, to provoke and to challenge our students to a higher level of understanding of the past. History at the University of South Florida offers the student an opportunity to explore civilizations from around the globe and from the ancient through contemporary eras. We encourage our students to move beyond traditional memorization of material to a critical level of thinking, analysis, and synthesis. Accomplished history majors are attractive to all kinds of employers in any number of fields, as well as to graduate and professional schools. USF history alumni can be found in such diverse professions as law, medicine, business, government, foreign service, politics, and education.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students wishing to transfer to USF should complete the A.A. degree at a Florida College System institution. If students transfer with fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, they must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

Specific state mandated common course prerequisites for admission to the major include:

  •  6 credit hours of AFH, AMH, EUH, WOH, LAH, ASH, HIS prefix courses

Total Major Hours: 35 Hours

Major Core

A minimum of 35 semester hours of History Department courses are required to earn a B.A. degree in History.

Major Core Courses - 35 Hours

Lower-Level Course Requirements for the Major (9 credit hours):

Students must complete a minimum total of 9 hours of 2000-level courses, or their equivalent, to meet the lower level requirements of the major. Completing the lower level requirement of the major also satisfies the common pre-requisite requirements.

Upper-Level Course Requirements for the Major (15 credit hours)

In addition to the three required courses below, students must complete a minimum of ­­15 hours of 3000-4000 numbered courses to fulfill the upper level major requirement.

Additional Required Courses for the History Major – Permits required (11 credit hours):

Three additional courses are required for graduation with a B.A. degree in History: Theory and Methods of History (HIS 4104) and two separate sections of Pro-Seminar in History (HIS 4936).

Students should plan to take Theory and Methods of History (HIS 4104) as early in the major as possible—preferably as they begin to take courses at the 3000-level, and no later than in the junior year. Majors are expected to complete this course before enrolling in either of their Pro-Seminars.

It is recommended that majors take the two Pro-Seminar (HIS 4936) courses in the fall and spring of their senior year. A GPA of 2.00 in the History major is required before a student can be permitted into these courses. Additionally, the two Pro-Seminar courses may not be taken during the same semester.

For elective hours outside of the major, it is recommended that History majors take

Additional hours can be profitably drawn from the following disciplines: Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Economics, Geography, Government and International Affairs, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Literature, Humanities and Cultural Studies; and Art History. 

Additional Major Requirements

Major GPA Requirement

A Major GPA of at least 2.00 is necessary for graduation.

Major Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of C- or better must be attained in each course counted toward the 35-hour requirement.

Major Residency Requirement

The B.A. degree in History from USF requires that 50% of the major coursework be completed at the USF campus.

Research Opportunities

History majors will complete research papers in the HIS 4936 Seminar courses. Students are also encouraged to work with the Office for Undergraduate Research to participate in their annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Also, students are encouraged to attend or present research papers at conferences, such as the annual Phi Alpha Theta regional conference.

Major Internship Opportunities

The History Department has many contacts in the Tampa Bay community, especially museums or historical societies, where students may intern.

Additional Major Information

Major Advising

Undergraduate Advisor, History Department; Location:  SOC 274.


Major Faculty

Chairperson: F. Ottanelli; Professors: J. Belohlavek, G. Benadusi, C. Boterbloem, M. Decker, P. Dosal, P. Levy, W. Murray, F. Ottanelli; Associate Professors: G. Alexopoulos, B. Connolly, J. Irwin, D. Johnson, J. Langford, A. Novoa, F. Ramos; Assistant Professors:  D. Fontaine, J. Gonzalez, A. Koenig, S. Prince; Instructors: J. Dukes-Knight; S. Murray, G. Tunstall, Jr.; Post-Doctoral Fellows: J. Toney; Adjunct: R. Alicea.

Major Other Information

Students are encouraged to join the History Honor Society - Phi Alpha Theta. Membership applications are available at the History Department office, SOC 260.

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