Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


English (ENG) with a concentration in Literary Studies (LTS)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 23.0101

College of Arts & Sciences


Concentration Description

This concentration provides students with a knowledge of literary method, literary history, and a broad range of literary accomplishment (including knowledge of emerging fields, world literatures, and ethnic literatures). While the major places much emphasis on appreciating works of literature as artifacts produced in their own culture contexts, it also enables students to make connections between contemporary life and the study of literature. It evaluates students' grasp of formal and technical elements of literary practice and emphasizes the development of writing skills and the production of disciplinary writing. Successful completion of the major will enhance students' capacity for aesthetic enjoyment, critical reflection, and effective self-expression, and may provide preparation for further study (graduate and professional schools) or communication and research skills to be used in a work environment.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites


The State of Florida has identified common course prerequisites for the major in English. These courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" before the degree is granted. If the courses are not transferred in, they may be taken at USF.

Total Major Hours: 36 Hours

Concentration Core Courses - 27 Hours

  • I. Required Courses (2 courses/6 credit hours):
    • ENG 3014 Introduction to Literary Methodology (recommended during first 2 semesters of the major)
    • ENG 4013 Literary Criticism (recommended before any 4000-level courses are taken)
  • II. Additional Requirements (1 course from each of the following groups) (5 courses/15 credit hours):
    A. Medieval / Renaissance Group B. 17th/18th Century British Group C. 19th Century British Group
    • ENL 3251 British Literature 1780-1900
    • ENL 4122 19th Century British Novel
    • ENL 3017 Studies in 19th Century British Literature
    D. American Before 1900 Group
    • AML 3031 American Literature from the Beginnings to 1860
    • AML 3032 American Literature from 1860 to 1912
    • AML 4111 Nineteenth-Century American Novel
    • AML 4261 Literature of the South
    E. 20th or 21st Century American or British Group
    • AML 3051 American Literature from 1912 to 1945
    • AML 4121 Twentieth-Century American Novel
    • AML 4261 Literature of the South
    • ENL 3026 Studies in 20th Century Literature
    • ENL 3273 British Literature 1900-1945
    • ENL 4132 British Novel Conrad to the Present
    • LIT 4233 Postcolonial Literature

    III. Cultural-Critical Studies Group (2 courses/6 credit hours):
    • AML 3604 African American Literature
    • AML 3630 U.S. Latino/Latina Literature in English
    • AML 4111 Nineteenth-Century American Novel
    • AML 4121 Twentieth-Century American Novel
    • AML 4933 Studies in American Literature and Culture
    • ENG 4060 History of the English Language
    • ENL 4122 Nineteenth-Century British Novel
    • ENL 4132 British Novel Conrad to the Present
    • LIN 4671 Traditional English Grammar
    • LIN 4680 Structure of American English
    • LIT 3022 Modern Short Prose
    • LIT 3031 Survey of Poetry
    • LIT 3043 Modern Drama
    • LIT 3093 Contemporary Literature
    • LIT 3101 Literature of the Western World through Renaissance
    • LIT 3102 Literature of the Western World since Renaissance
    • LIT 3144 Modern European Novel
    • LIT 3410 Religious and Philosophical Themes
    • LIT 4233 Postcolonial Literature
    • LIT 4386 British and American Literature by Women

Concentration Elective Courses - 9 Hours

Students must choose 3 courses/9 credit hours from the following:

  • AML 4300 Selected American Authors
  • ENG 3113 Film as Narrative Art
  • ENG 4674 Film and Culture
  • ENL 4303 Selected British Authors
  • LIT 3374 The Bible as Literature
  • LIT 3930 Selected Topics in English Studies
  • LIT 4930 Selected Topics in English Studies
  • Any additional courses listed under, "Additional Requirements" above.
  • Any major CRW course listed under the Creative Writing concentration
  • Any major ENC course listed under the Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Technology concentration.
  • One LIT course at the 2000 level

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