Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Mathematics Education (BMA)

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (B.A. or B.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 13.1311 (Track 1 of 2)

College of Education


Major Description

Mathematics Education explores educational foundations and methods to prepare educators in middle and secondary schools. It also explores the theory and practice of teaching mathematics education. The objective is to prepare reflective and caring educators. Prepares students for a career in middle and high schools.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

These prerequisites must be met by transfer students as well as USF students. A grade of "C-" is the minimum acceptable grade.

  • EDF X005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
  • EDF X085* Teaching Diversity for Educators
  • EME X040 Introduction to Technology for Educators
  • MAC X311 Calculus I
  • MAC X312 Calculus II
  • MAC XXXX or MTG XXXX or MAS XXXX Mathematics Electives

*In addition to EDF X085, a minimum of 6 semester hours with an international or diversity focus is required. Eligible courses will be determined by the community college or university where the student is currently earning the Associate in Arts or baccalaureate degree. Foreign language courses may be used to meet this requirement.

**Courses specified in this category may apply to the USF Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Core Curriculum coursework.

Total Major Hours: 72 Hours

Major Core Courses - 72 Hours

Professional Education:

  • EDF 3214 Human Development and Learning
  • EDF 3604 Schools and Society (WRIN)
  • EDF 4430 Measurement for Teachers
  • EEX 4070 Integrating Exceptional Students in the Regular Classroom
  • TSL 4324 ESOL Competencies and Strategies
  • MAE 4940 Internship: Mathematics Education
  • MAE 4936 Senior Seminar in Mathematics Education (Capstone)
  • ESE 4322 Classroom Management for Diverse School and Society


Additional Specialization:

  • MAE 4320 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades
  • MAE 4330 Teaching Senior High School Mathematics
  • MAE 4551 Reading the Language of Mathematics
  • MAE 4652 Technology for Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
  • MAE 4945 Practicum in Mathematics Education

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