Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences

Location: MHC 1110


The College of Behavioral & Community Sciences (CBCS) prepares students, scholars, human service providers, policy makers, and other professionals to improve the quality of life, health, and safety of diverse populations. Through multidisciplinary teaching, research, and engagement with community partners, the College focuses on the development and implementation of innovative solutions to the complex challenges that affect the behavior and well-being of individuals, families, populations, and the communities in which we live.

Departmental Minor

In order to help students develop concentrations in elective work taken in conjunction with their chosen major, the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences offers minors in the following areas: American Sign Language, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Healthcare, Criminology, and Gerontology.

Students may not use courses in the major for the minor, unless approved by the department offering the minor. Specific requirements for the different minors appear with the departmental summaries listed in "Departments and Programs" Section of this catalog.

Advising Information

The College of Behavioral and Community Sciences Dean's Office is located in MHC 1110 and the Office of Student Services (which handles student-related academic matters) is located in MHC 1143/1149. Academic Advising is housed within the major departments. Advisor contact information is available at: http://www.cbcs.usf.edu/CurrentStudents/ContactAdvising.cfm.

Admissions Requirements

Entrance Requirement to Declare a Major in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

Students must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average in any previously attempted USF/overall college-level coursework prior to declaring a major in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis, with departmental approval required, by the CBCS Academic Regulations Committee.

College Requirements

The College of Behavioral and Community Sciences offers three undergraduate degree options: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Social Work.


  1. Complete at least 120 accepted semester hours with a minimum USF cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and overall GPA of 2.00. All grades including "D"s and "F"s are used to calculate USF, overall, and major GPAs for students in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences.
  2. Maintain major GPA of 2.00 in USF coursework.
  3. Complete the Foreign Language Entrance Requirement. Students pursuing a B.A. degree must also complete the Foreign Language Exit Requirement.
  4. Satisfy Board of Governor's Resolution 6.017 (Gordon Rule) concerning computation and communication. Transfer students who enter USF with 60 or more semester hours from a regionally accredited institution are considered to have met the communication portion of this Regulation.
  5. Complete 36 hours of General Education Core courses and Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum (for more information, see section titled "Foundations of Knowledge and Learning" (FKL) in Academic Policies and Procedures section).
    Prior to graduation, each student must also complete 6 hours of Exit Requirements:
    • Three (3) hours credit in Capstone Learning Expereince category (must be on current approved capstone exit course list)
    • Three (3) hours credit in Writing Intensive Capstone category (must be on current approved writing intensive exit course list)
  6. Complete at least 9 semester hours at a Florida public university in the Florida State University System during summer terms if entering USF with fewer than 60 semester hours.
  7. Complete all major course requirements.
  8. Thirty (30) of the last 60 semester hours must be completed at USF Tampa to fulfill the residency requirement.
  9. When double majoring, a maximum of 2 courses or 8 hours may be used to satisfy requirements between majors. Students should check with the advisors in both departments when pursuing more than one degree.
  10. S/U contracts must be negotiated in writing within the first three (3) weeks of the term. No credits may be taken S/U in the student’s major unless S/U is the only grading option. Coursework fulfilling the Gordon Rule requirement may not be taken S/U.
  11. The Audit option is available only during the first 5 (five) days of classes.
  12. Complete a minimum of 48 hours of upper-level courses (numbered 3000 or above).
  13. Students must apply for graduation by the end of the fourth week of their final semester (See Registrar's calendar for exact dates.) For late application information, please refer to the Application for Graduation section of the Academic Policy and Procedures division of the catalog.