Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Modern Western European Studies

21-24 Credit Hours

College of Arts & Sciences


Certificate Description

The College of Arts and Sciences offers this certificate through the collaboration of the Departments of English, Geography, History, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Government and International Affairs, World Languages, and Philosophy. It is designed for majors in any field who wish to gain a multi-disciplinary understanding of a part of the world that has shaped much of our civilization and holds great significance for Americans in the present and the future.

Total Certificate Hours - 21-24 Hours

Core Courses - 15-16 Hours

Students will take a total of three courses from the following; one of them must be either EUS 3000 or GEA 3500.

Students will take two additional semesters of the foreign language they have taken in fulfillment of the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement.

  • Core Courses (9-10 credit hours)
  • Language Requirement (6 credit hours)

Elective Courses - 6-8 Hours

Students should make Western European study and travel an important component of their academic work. They are required to enroll for at least 3 elective credit hours in courses that involve Western European study and travel. These may be taken in one of three ways:

*Elective courses under options (2) and (3) will be chosen in consultation with the Coordinator and an Advisory Committee.

Western European study and travel allows students to concentrate on one of the areas of electives. Students may want to use overseas experience credits to fulfill their summer enrollment requirement.

A structured alternative experience in the United States may be substituted for the Overseas Experience. The Certificate accepts IDS 4955 or 4956 (Off-Campus Term Special Project) or any of the courses listed below as Elective Courses for credit for this requirement. Coordinator, Advisory Committee and student will tailor the experience to fit the student's individual needs.

(Note: the student should take courses from the list below after completing the two additional semesters of the foreign language requirement (see I) or, if already advanced in a language, with the instructor's approval. These courses are generally taught in the target language.)

  • Overseas Experience
    1. as IDS 4955 (Off-Campus Term International Program),
    2. as one or two of the courses listed below as Elective Courses, or
    3. as part of overseas study courses offered by other USF colleges and other universities.
  • English
  • History
  • Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Government and International Affairs
  • World Languages
  • Philosophy

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