Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Visualization and Design

18 Credit Hours

College of The Arts

Certificate Description

The Certificate in Visualization and Design provides theoretical studies and hands-on practice for all majors interested in the creative design of visual communication. Outcomes include building a portfolio from a variety of visual media and prepares those who complete the certificate for fields (depending on course selections) ranging from media designers, to animators, to research and product designers, to graphic/data developers.

Total Certificate Hours - 18 Hours

Core Courses - 6 Hours

Required courses (6 credit hours):

Elective Courses - 12 Hours

Art Electives (select two courses - 6 credit hours)

Mass Communication Electives (select two courses - 6 credit hours)

  • ADV 2214 Graphic Programs in Communication
  • ADV 4710 Portfolio Building
  • JOU 4212 Magazine Design and Production
  • MMC 4936 Selected Topics in Mass Communications Studies:
    • Graphics in Visual Communication
    • Visualization of Big Data
    • Visual Analytics
  • PGY 3610C Photojournalism I
  • PUR 4101 Public Relations Design and Production
  • VIC 3943 Visual Communication Practicum

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There are additional requirements for this certificate such as grade, GPA, and/or foreign language requirements.

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