Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


Undergraduate Research in Behavioral & Community Sciences

16 Credit Hours

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences


Certificate Description

The Undergraduate Research certificate is designed for students interested in attending graduate school or pursuing research careers. Students complete a systematic undergraduate research preparation program consisting of 16 hours of coursework, many of which will count toward their general education requirements or requirements for their major.

Total Certificate Hours - 16 Hours

Core Courses - 16 Hours

  • IDS 1505 Introduction to Research in Behavioral and Community Sciences
  • IDS 2600 Application of Research in Community Settings
  • STA 2122 Social Science Statistics (or approved Statistics course)
  • Research Methods Course (PSY 3213; CCJ 3701; GEY 4401; SOW 3401 or equivalent)
  • MHS 4741 Applied Research Methods
  • MHS 4731 Writing for Research and Publication in BCS (also fulfills the FKL WRIN EXIT requirement)
  • Directed Research or Thesis

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