Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015


English (ENG) with a concentration in Creative Writing (CRW)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 23.0101

College of Arts & Sciences


Major Description

A bachelor’s degree in English prepares students for any field that values critical thinking, high reading comprehension, clear and effective writing, and the ability to interpret and analyze data.  It provides three concentrations from which students must choose one concentration:  Creative Writing, Literary Studies and Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Technology.

    Concentration Description

    This 36-hour concentration is designed for aspiring writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Students who graduate from this program will demonstrate the following: 1) knowledge of the forms and techniques of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction; 2) knowledge of literary genres and the techniques used by authors within each genre; 3) the ability to analyze literature in its cultural and philosophical context; and 4) the ability to critique student manuscripts and offer constructive feedback within a workshop setting.

    State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

    The State of Florida has identified common course prerequisites for the major in English.  These courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" before the degree is granted.  If the courses are not transferred in, they may be taken at USF.

    Total Major Hours: 42 Hours

    Major Core Courses - 6 Hours

    Concentration Core Courses - 36 Hours

    1. Writing Requirements: Six courses as follows:
      • CRW 3111 Form and Technique of Fiction
      • CRW 3311 Form and Technique of Poetry
        • (CRW 3111 must be taken before any other courses in the Fiction series, and CRW 3311 must be taken before any other courses in the Poetry series. Students are urged to take these two courses during the first year of their major.)
      Any four of the following courses:
      • CRW 3112 Fiction I
      • CRW 3121 Fiction II
      • CRW 3312 Poetry I
      • CRW 3321 Poetry II
      • CRW 4930 Selected Topics in Creative Writing
        • CRW 4930 may be repeated twice, with different content, for a total of six (6) credits hours. Choices would include creative nonfiction, screenwriting, craft courses in fiction\poetry, young adult literature, lyric poetry, etc.).
    2. Literature Requirements: Six courses as follows:
      • One of the following courses that concentrates on literature written pre-1900:
      • Five (5) additional major literature courses from those listed in the Literary Studies concentration

    Optional Honors Program

    The Department of English Honors Program provides a carefully selected group of seniors with opportunities for advanced scholarship:

    • Closer contact with faculty tutors than students in the regular major program;
    • An opportunity to work and exchange ideas in the stimulating environment of a small group of fellow students with similar aims and abilities;
    • An opportunity to develop individual initiative and sophisticated critical skills.

    The English Honors Program will benefit those interested in graduate work, advanced professional study, or greater intellectual challenges.

    Admissions Criteria

    Students may apply for the program after completing 80 hours of coursework (90 before actual admission). Applicants should have a GPA of 3.30 in the major and an overall GPA of 3.00 and should submit signatures of recommendation from two English faculty supporting their applications.

    After screening all applications, the Department’s Honors Committee will select participants for each year’s program.

    Requirements for Completion of Departmental Honors
    1. The Honors student will complete the requirements of his/her chosen English major as described in the current catalog.
    2. The Honors program requires 9 hours of Honors-level work.
      • All Honors students are required to complete at least one (three-hour) Honors seminar (ENG 4935 or ENG 4936).
      • Students may select from the following options to fulfill the remaining six hours of credit in Honors:
        • A second (three-hour) Honors seminar (ENG 4935 or ENG 4936).
        • A three-hour independent study. The independent study should be connected to an eligible upper-level course in the major being taught in that semester.**
          • A list of courses available for this option will be made available prior to registration each semester. Students will attend some or all of the scheduled course meetings but will be enrolled in an independent study with the instructor. The independent study will be considered a special "Honors section" of the course and will require additional work that may include extra reading, class presentations, and advanced research-based writing. To enroll in an independent study, students will need written permission of the instructor, who will determine an Honors-appropriate workload for the course. The proposed plan for independent study must be approved by the Honors Committee and filed with the Undergraduate Director prior to registration. Students may count a maximum of one independent study in fulfillment of their degree requirements.
        • A three-hour Honors thesis, supervised by a member of the English faculty. The Director of the English Honors Program will serve as instructor of record for the thesis hours. Under the direction of the instructors of the Honors seminars and/or the Director of the English Honors Program, the student will choose a member of the English Department faculty to serve as director of his/her thesis and one or two additional faculty members to serve as readers of the thesis. The completed thesis must be at least 25-pages in length, not including bibliography.
        • A three-hour graduate-level course. Enrollment in a graduate course is limited to Honors students in their final semester and requires written permission of the Undergraduate Director, Graduate Director, and the instructor of the course. To be eligible, students must have completed at least one Honors seminar with a grade of A or A+.
      • Of the nine hours required for Departmental Honors, a maximum of six hours may be counted towards the requirements for the major (historical distribution requirements or electives).
    3. To graduate with Departmental Honors, the student must satisfy the following requirements:
      • Complete 9 hours of English Honors courses as described above with a 3.30 GPA;
      • Complete all major requirements with a 3.30 GPA and academic coursework with an overall GPA of 3.0.
    4. The student who completes all requirements above will graduate with Honors in English. The credit hours completed within the program by the student who does not complete all Honors requirements will count toward the baccalaureate degree.

    **Faculty who are willing to accommodate the extra needs of Honors students will notify the Undergraduate Director before registration to have their course put on the list of eligible courses. The Honors student will enroll in an independent study but will attend the scheduled course and complete the bulk of the reading and written requirements for the course in addition to a special Honors project for the course (this could include a formal presentation of research, an independent research project, a longer research paper, a long annotated bibliography, a larger collection of creative work, etc. The independent study represents 3 hours of coursework.

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