Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14


Physical Education (PET)

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (B.A. or B.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 13.1314 (Track 1 of 2)

College of Education


Major Description

Physical Education includes the study of kinesiology, physical skill development, pedagogy, coaching, curriculum development and assessment, and administration of physical activity programs. The Physical Education major offers students extensive preparation in theory and methodology courses leading to K-12 teaching certification.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

These prerequisites must be met by transfer students as well as USF students:
EDF X005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EDF X085* Teaching Diversity for Educators
EME X040 Introduction to Technology for Educators
BSC X085 and BSC X086 or BSC X085 and PET X622
Conditioning, Fitness and Wellness Course in Physical Education Activities
Skill Development Courses in Physical Activities
*In addition to EDF X085, a minimum of 6 semester hours with an international or diversity focus is required. Eligible courses will be determined by the community college or university where the student is currently earning the Associate in Arts or baccalaureate degree. Foreign language courses may be used to meet this requirement.

Total Major Hours: 71 Hours

Major Core Courses - 71 Hours

  • EDF 3122 Learning and the Developing Child or EDF 4131 Learning and the Developing Adolescent
  • TSL 4324 ESOL Competencies and Strategies
  • PET 3421 Curriculum & Instruction in Physical Education
  • PET 4432 Instructional Design & Content: Physical Education Elementary
  • PET 4942 Physical Education Pre-Internship: Elementary
  • EDF 3604 Schools and Society (WRIN)
  • PET 4510 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
  • PET 3031 Motor Behavior
  • PET 3441 Instructional Design & Content: Middle School Physical Education
  • PET 4844 Methods of Using Technology in Physical Education
  • PET 4742 Secondary PE Methods: Physical Activity & Fitness Opportunities
  • RED 4310 Reading and Learning to Read
  • PET 3640 Adapted Physical Education
  • PET 4304 Principles and Issues in Coaching
  • PET 4820 Sport Skill Proficiency
  • PET 4380 Applied Exercise Science
  • PET 4401 Class Management, Safety, Ethics, Law and Organization and Administration of Physical Education
  • PET 4442 Instructional Design & Content: Physical Education Secondary
  • PET 4944 Physical Education Pre-Internship: Secondary
  • PET 4946 Internship in Physical Education: Elementary (Capstone)
  • PET 4947 Internship in Physical Education: Secondary
  • SPM 3012 Issues in Sport

Additional Major Requirements

Major Requirements

Requirements for the B.S. Degree (PET, BPW)

The two-year programs are offered beginning in the junior year and include mandatory attendance during the summer session between the junior and senior years. Students in Physical Education and Exercise Science may enter in the Fall Semester of each year only. Students proceed through the programs in cohorts and are required to complete all required courses each semester with a grade of “C-” or better in order to progress to the next semester. Students who do not complete the requirements will be dismissed from the program and may reapply for the next cohort.

For K-12 Physical Education Major (PET):

The physical education program is a full-time program. Students must be available for classes from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday each semester. Additional time commitments may be necessary for course work in the evenings.

Requirements, After Admission:
    Students accepted into the physical education program must meet the following additional requirements:
  1. Sign an agreement to abide by the standards set forth in the School of Physical Education and Exercise Science Student Handbook on Professional Behavior and Ethical Conduct.
  2. Pay for costs in addition to tuition, fees, and books such as:
    • Attendance at the state professional organization conference (minimally 1 year)
    • Student membership in the state physical education professional organizations
    • Transportation to and from school sites required in courses and internships
    • Physical Education Teacher Education uniform for internships
    • Criminal background checks and finger printing for internships
    • Assignments in some classes (e.g., printing/binding of group project reports, academic and professional portfolio, professional file, etc.)
    • Electronic assignment portfolio throughout program
  3. Complete professional development plans throughout the program.
  4. Complete and pass individual development plans in identified skill areas during the program.

Major GPA Requirement

Maintain a 2.50 GPA in order to progress to the next semester.

Major Grade Requirement

Receive a grade of C- or higher in all required courses.

Major Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL) Requirement

Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum courses (General Education) will be determined by the Florida College System institution or university where the student currently is earning the Associate in Arts or baccalaureate degree, and will be published in the institution’s existing catalog or in the Counseling Manual. (For USF, see “Academic Policies and Procedures - Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum Requirements” section of the catalog.)

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