Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14


Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 26.0102

College of Arts & Sciences


Major Description

The Biomedical Sciences degree serves as a gateway into a variety of health-professional programs such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Physical Therapy. Required courses include Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics. This degree provides the flexibility to choose advanced level science course based on academic and professional interests. Students contemplating graduate study should pursue a major in the discipline of their interest, such as Biology, Chemistry, or Microbiology.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students should complete the following prerequisite courses listed below at the lower level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken at the community/junior college, they must be completed before the degree is granted. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of "C" is the minimum acceptable grade.

  • BSC X010, X010L & BSC X011, X011L Biology I and II with Lab or BSC X010C & BSC X011C
  • CHM X045 & CHM X045L General Chemistry I & Lab or CHM X045C
  • CHM X046 & CHM X046L General Chemistry II & Lab or CHM X046C
  • CHM X210 & CHM X210L Organic Chemistry I & Lab or CHM X210C
  • CHM X211 & CHM X211L Organic Chemistry II & Lab or CHM X211C
  • PHY X053 & X053L General Physics I & Lab and PHY X054 & X054L General Physics II & Lab or
    • PHY 2053C and PHY 2054C or
    • PHY X048 & X048L General Physics I & Lab and PHY X049 & X049L General Physics II & Lab or
    • BSC X093 Human Anatomy & Physiology I and BSC X094 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BSC X093/X093L and BSC X094/X094L
  • MAC X241 Life Sciences Calculus or MAC X281 or MAC X311
  • MAC X242 Life Sciences Calculus II or MAC X282 or X312 or STA X023 or STA X024

Total Major Hours: 61-62 Hours

Major Core Courses - 40 Hours

Tier 1

Required Biology and Chemistry Courses:
Biology (8 credit hours):
Chemistry (18 credit hours): Required Supporting Courses:

Mathematics (6 credit hours):*

*MAC 2311 and MAC 2312 are also acceptable for the major.
*MAC 2281 and MAC 2282 are also acceptable for the major

Physics (8 credit hours):*

*Students may substitute Human Anatomy or Physiology I and II (BSC 2093C & 2094C or BSC 2085, 2085L & BSC 2086, 2086L) for Physics I & II

Major Elective Courses - 21-22 Hours

Tier 2

Required Biomedical Electives:
Total 7-8 credit hours of required courses Minimum of 14 credits from the following to include:
  • Nine (9) credits minimum of Biology and Chemistry Coursework from the lists below, with no fewer than three (3) credits in both Biology and Chemistry.
  • Lab Requirement: Students must choose at least one upper-division Lab (must take co-requisite lecture) or combined lecture/lab course.
  • Chemistry Residency Requirement: Seven (7) credits of Chemistry coursework, upper or lower division, must be completed at USF.
  • Upper-Division Residency Requirement: 12 credit hours of major-applicable upper-level natural science courses must be completed at USF.
  • No duplicate credit allowed.

*Combined course - satisfies lab requirement

Chemistry: Other:
  • HSC 4504 Foundations of Public Health Immunology
  • PHZ 4702 Applications of Physics to Biology & Medicine I
  • PHZ 4703 Applications of Physics to Biology & Medicine II

Cannot use both HSC 4504 & PCB 4234

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