Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


General Studies (BGS) with a concentration in Information Technology (GIT)

Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 24.0106

Innovative Education


Major Description

USF's Bachelor of General Studies Degree (BGS) is a customized, interdisciplinary degree completion that provides students with options to choose an appropriate academic program that fits their educational and professional goals. The BGS program will provide mid-career adult students with the opportunity to integrate completion of the baccalaureate degree into their established lifestyle.

BGS students will take an active role in creating their academic programs. Rather than choosing a traditional major, BGS students can choose from a number of established plans of study or can create their own individualized plan of study. BGS students complete 24-27 credits (core courses and electives) within a selected concentration in addition to their other degree requirements.

Concentration Description

The Information Technology concentration is designed to bridge the gap between computer science and the business use of computers. Emphasis is placed on knowledge-based computer and information technology as well as applications, programming and networking in an era of rapidly changing technology.

Total Major Hours: 24 Hours

Major Core Courses - 3 Hours

College EXIT Requirement:

Concentration Core Courses - 10 Hours

Concentration Requirements:
  • CGS 3303 Information Technology Concepts
  • EEL 4782 Computer Information Networks for IT
  • EEL 4782L Computer Information Networks for IT Lab
  • CIS 4935 Senior Project in Information Technology

Concentration Elective Courses - 11 Hours

  • CDA 3101 Computer Organization for IT
  • CEN 3722 Human Computer Interfaces for IT
  • CEN 4031 Software Engineering Concepts for IT
  • CGS 2034 Computers and Impact on Society
  • CGS 2060 Intro to Computers and Programming
  • CGS 2094 Cyber Ethics
  • CGS 3845 Electronic Commerce
  • CGS 3853 IT Web Design
  • CIS 3932 Selected Topics for Information Technology
  • CIS 4361 Information Technology Security Management
  • CIS 4412 Information Technology Resource Management
  • COP 2510 Programming Concepts
  • COP 2931 Selected Topics for Information Technology
  • COP 3515 Program Design for IT
  • COP 3931 Selected Topics for Information Technology
  • COP 4610 Operating Systems for IT
  • COP 4703 Database Systems for IT
  • EEL 4854 Data Structures and Algorithms for IT
  • ETG 4932 Selected Topics in Technology II

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