Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


Computer Science (BCS)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.S.C.S.)

8 Semester Plan

120 Credit Hours

CIP Code: 11.0101 (Track 1 of 6)

College of Engineering


Major Description

The Computer Science program focuses on the design, development, and application of software systems and on the theory of computation. Additional course work in algorithms, discrete structures, object oriented design, data structures, operating systems, digital logic design, computer architecture, and a wide range of advanced electives extend and supplement the core.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

If a student wishes to transfer without an A.A. degree and has fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the student must meet the university's entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

Students should complete the following prerequisite courses listed below at the lower level prior to entering the University. If these courses are not taken at a Florida College System institution, they must be completed before the degree is granted. Unless stated otherwise, a grade of C is the minimum acceptable grade (C- is insufficient).

Students qualify for direct entry to the Department if they have completed the following courses at a Florida College System institution or University in the Florida State University System (SUS) and meet all other admissions requirements of the University and College.

Some courses required for the major may also meet General Education Requirements thereby transferring maximum hours to the university.

  • COP XXXX Introductory Programming in C, C++, Java, or equivalent language
  • MAC X311 Calculus I or MAC X281
  • MAC X312 Calculus II or MAC X282
  • PHY X048/X048L General Physics I with Lab or PHY X048C
  • PHY X049/X049L General Physics II with Lab or PHY X049C
  • XXX XXXX Six credit hours of science courses for science majors

Total Major Hours: 93 Hours

Major Core Courses - 69 Hours

Major Elective Courses - 24 Hours

  • 15 hours of Department Upper-Level Electives (CSE Elective)
  • 6 hours of Department Upper-Level Electives (CSE Software Elective)
  • 3 hours of Department Upper-Level Elective (CSE Theory Elective)

Major Internship Opportunities

The College of Engineering and USF's Career Services Cooperative Education (Co-Op) program provides services for students interested in internships and cooperative education experiences. A wide variety of industries and government agencies offer internships and cooperative education employment opportunities for engineering students. Participants gain valuable expertise in practical applications and other aspects of operations and development in a professional engineering environment. Students normally apply for participation in this program during their sophomore year and pursue actual internships and co-op employment during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

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